Sunday, 27 April, 2008

Tom cruise and Katic Holmes spend $100,000 for the birthday party of suri, their girl!

Thursday, 24 April, 2008
That's called spending without a second thought.. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes spend $100,000 on their two year old daughter suri's birthday party, and that isn't so unnatural. But then just 24 people attended!

"Suri adores butterflies. It was immediate family and their closest friends only. There were no celebrities invited to the daytime bash," said the source.

They decided on butterflies as the party theme and most of the house was filled with fresh flowers that costed them than more than $17,000. cakes costed them $5,000 and cupcakes, another $230. $45,000 or more was spent on the catering bill for the two parties.

So here's where our question, what cost them the $$$? has been answered.. But most important is that suri enjoyed herself and why wouldn't she? shes a lucky girl:)

Dhoni has many fans from bollywood itself!

Indian One-Day cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni's performance on the pitch and his good looks have earned him a huge female fan following, among them a bevy of Bollywood actresses. Here's what they say:

Bipasha Basu: Dhoni is great at his job and he is a good ambassador of our country. He is well groomed and I find him soft-spoken and charming. And I don't think he uses his popularity for the wrong reasons.

Esha Deol: Yup, I'd say Dhoni is terrific and he conducts himself with plenty of dignity. Right now I think he's at his best - physically fit and raring to go. I'd say he is the best sportsman in our country today.

Nandana Sen: Dhoni has great focus, speaks his mind freely. Although he is super-talented, he talks like a very regular guy. I find normalcy in superstars very attractive.

Raima Sen: Cricketers have always been more popular than stars. I feel Dhoni's main charm lies in the fact that he has become the captain of the Indian cricket team at such a young age. And then he brought the (Twenty20) Cup home. That did the trick. Success is the greatest aphrodisiac. It sure has added sex appeal to Dhoni's personality. And let's not forget his hip hairstyle. Wow!

Kangana Ranaut: I think Dhoni is hot enough to give any of our studs from Bollywod a run for their money. And since Dhoni can run faster than any of them, he has an extra edge. Of course, I find him hot. Which normal hot-blooded girl wouldn't?

Minissha Lamba: In any industry, whether it is cinema or cricket, we need to focus on people's achievements rather than wonder how far their sex appeal goes. Success is sexy. And everyone has the right to look his best. But physical beauty shouldn't be allowed to eclipse the value of his real personality or the fact that he has put the country on the international sports map.

Mona Singh: I find Dhoni super hot. He not only looks good but plays well too. And he is a superb captain.

Divya Dutta: Oh, I find Dhoni very hot, specially his passion for living on the edge, not playing safe or getting tense while taking crucial decisions. He is so full of energy. And he is a fabulous cricketer. Of course, the bare chest is the icing on the cake.

Gul Panag: Dhoni? Ha! He's a heady mix of good looks, success and power.

Amrita Arora: Yes, he's hot, but only as a player, please. His good personality teamed with being an excellent player makes him a force to reckon with.

Perizaad Zorabian: The fact that Dhoni comes from a small town and has beaten all odds to make it big makes him very sexy. He comes across as determined, calm, confident and no-nonsense. He takes pride in who he is. These qualities make him stand apart in a world of self-promoting wannabes.

David Beckham throws a birthday bash for Victoria Beckham

Monday, 21 April, 2008
David beckham has yet again proved himself a loving husband by recently throwing a birthday bash for his wife, at the via veneto and the couple also enjoyed with all the Hollywood stars who turned up for the birthday girl Victoria beckham turned 34! Topping the list were Tom cruise and his wife Katie Holmes. Oh how i wish Nicole Kidman and tom were back together!

Drunk driver leds Sandra Bullock and Jesse James to an accident

We all want to travel safe and want our drivers to drive safetly but careless driving on friday night, led Sandra bullock and her husband Jesse Jamess who were being driven in a sport-utility vehicle almost miss a deadly accident, when a station wagon crossed the center line and hit them, they excaped unhurt and thank god for that! I dont want to see the star of my all time favourite movie speed, hurt. But the culprit was who else but their driver, why the hell was he drunk and tolerated by the couple? he should have been fired!

Urmila Matondkar advices youngsters against starvation

Saturday, 19 April, 2008
The glamorous doll of 'Rangeela' star Urmila Matondkar disapproves starvation and advices youngsters that staying slim doesn't necessarily mean being on a starvation diet. Its the size-zero gen and young girls tend to almost starve themselves to dealth, just to gain that size! The advice from a star should work:)

Urmila reveals a healthy diet of home made food and strict workout routine is the secret to her beautiful slim and healthy body.

'More than staying slim, I aim for a healthy body, I am also thankful to god for good genes. I would advice youngsters not go on starvation diet and spoil their health. They should rather eat healthy and exercise,' said Urmila, who was in pune to inaugurate a slim instant obesity centre with French technology.

The actress also added that shes not a picky star and would accept any type of roles offered to her.

The '90s dancing sensation is currently busy with Sony's music based reality show 'Var Parivar'. In this show, the entire family will participate.

Am on the lookout for such shows, i love to watch the whole parivar dance.. hehehe especially the dadis;)

Ashlee simpsons showing her engagement ring

Friday, 18 April, 2008
Is she rumoured as pregnant? Well that's a normal thing going on these days but then shes showing off her engagement ring which means shes gonna be a bride to be soon. Dont know whose trying to beat out who, Nicole Richie or Ashlee?

"It's definitely a big diamond! I got, 'Oh, my God, I can't believe its on my hand!'" said Ashlee, on a Thursday morning radio show.

Shes definitely not revealing how Pete Wentz, her fiance proposed to her but shes busy promoting her album bittersweet while even living on cloud 9 for having the ring on and being known as the newest bride to be around town.

Will Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt demand money for baby pics?

Thursday, 3 April, 2008
With reports stating Angelina and Brads baby's pics will be of great demand as soon as the kids are born(shes got twins).. but what about the news of them tying the knot, around the weekend? Eh they've got a life too? Ok.. now read some demanding news below!

If Celebrity Christina Anguilera demanded 1.5 million for pics of her newborn son Max, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's 6 million new twins, Max and Emme. Can Angelina demand much more? Its likely to be this way!

"It's become big business now. It's outrageous, they've gotten very sophisticated. The rights are bought up now even before the celeb enters the hospital. They hire extra security so it's impossible to obtain a photo illegally," as quoted by a known source. The whole process had become a big business nowadays, with magazines going the extra mile to make sure the paparazzi don't obtain the photos. So, now are you aware of bragelinas future demand??