Ash's desinger tantrums!

Wednesday, 31 March, 2010

A skin tight designer outfit was designed for Aishwarya Rai by one of the designers. It was tight and one of the designer's female assistant was trying to pull out the tight garment over Ash, but she stood there standstill refusing to help.

She had walked the ramp in the same outfit and was looking good.. but this is no way to behave Ash, esp with the people who work for you! Being Mrs. Bachchan also, i don't think she should have starry tantrums anymore coz Big B isn't like that, so shouldn't his d-i-l.. what say friends??

Amitabh Bachchan shocked to see Shashi Kapoor confined to a wheel chair

Thursday, 4 March, 2010
They worked together in films like Deewar, Trishul, Namakhalal, Kala Patthar, ‘Kabhi Kabhie etc.. but when he saw his old time co-star attending the awards in the wheel chair, he was shocked!

Big B was supposed to hand over the Lifetime achievement Award to Shashi Kapoor at the Filmfare Awards. But he didn't attend and the award was presented over to Shashi Kapoor by Shabana Azmi.

"Shashi Kapoor, that handsome gentle man. A smile on his face forever. A considerate calling on each meeting, now in this condition? Never!" the actor wrote.

Big B further wrote about his wonderful association with Shashi Kapoor. “He had pulled me out of a scene in his film where I, because I was hungry and did not have the money to feed myself, had taken the job of an ‘extra’ a junior artist, in the film where he played the hero. It was a James Ivory - Ismail Merchant film, ‘Shakespearewala’. A funeral scene was being picturised at the sea rocks off Bandra Band Stand. I took up an offer to be part of the crowd that had come to mourn the death of the ‘Hero’ Shashi Kapoor; part of the funeral party. He was not supposed to be there at the shoot - the scene was his funeral!! But he was there and he spotted me. Came up, pushed me out of the crowd, chided me with ‘Are you mad! You have bigger things in store for you, don’t do this’ and walked away."

"Film after film we did together, Shashi ji and I, and shared some of my most memorable times together in the Industry. He is now my relative. His elder brother, the great Raj Kapoor’s daughter Ritu’s son Nikhil is married to Shweta. I spoke to him on his birthday some days ago and then again when I wanted to invite him to the premier of ‘Paa.’ He had sounded weak in voice and expressed his inability to come. ‘I am not well’, he had whispered faintly and I told him I would arrange a special screening for him. But I had never expected him to be the way I saw him at the Award function in the pictures a few days back," Amitabh wrote in his blog.

Salman Khan hospitalized for chest congestion

Salman was shooting for big brother Arbaz Khans debut production Dabang.

A scene required Salman to shoot in close proximity with the fire and though everyone insisted on a single shot, the actor took several takes before the scene was canned and ended up breathless because of the smoke.

"Salman wanted the scene to be flawless and ended up getting breathless since he was shooting close to so much fire. He had to be rushed to the hospital after the scene was successfully canned," said a sources in the film unit.

In spite of the doctor's advice to take rest for the next couple of days Salman went back to shoot for the other scenes the very next day.