Angelinas Jolie's secret diary about her emotions during pregnancy

Thursday, 10 July, 2008
While Angelina's Jolie is resting at a hospital till she delivers her twins, shes busy writing out a secret diary where she will put down all her physical and emotional experiences during the pregnancy.

Emotions do overpower us during this critical time of motherhood and its good shes doing this, she could also use her personal diary to vent out her anger about her Hubby Brad Pitt, and am sure she has something to vent out:)

Sooner or later she'll have to unlock her secret emotions to Brad, and we'll get to take a peek into her emotional moods.

Side by side- Gywneth Paltrow and Elizabeth Hurley

Gywneth Paltrow and Elizabeth Hurley were seen together during a photo-op at Bloomingdales for the worldwide debut of Estee Lauder newest fragrance called Sensuous on Tuesday.

The two actresses, along with fellow Estee Lauder endorsers Hilary Rhoda and Carolyn Murphy, were recently featured on Harper's Bazaar's July issue, representing beauty at every age.

However, it was 35-year old Paltrow, who dominated the cover while the other were shown in the inside pages.

Nicole Kidman gave birth to baby girl on monday

Nicole Kidman had given birth a few days ago. Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, Kidman's first biological child, was born on Monday and weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces (2.93 kg).

Nicole has two adopted kids, while she was married to Tom Cruise. The marriage ended in 2001.

Doesn't the name sound strange to you?

Madonna isnt going to divorce Guy Richie

Are you one of the well wishers of Madonna and Guy, and you don't want that they breakup then theres good news. Madonna isn't going to divorce her husband Guy Richie and has also denied having an affair with Alex Rodriguez.

"My husband and I are not planning on getting a divorce. I brought my kids to a Yankee game. I am not romantically involved in any way with Alex Rodriguez. I have nothing to do with the state of his marriage or what spiritual path he may choose to study," she said.

The couple married in December 2000, in Scotland. They have three kids, Lourdes from Madonna's first husband Sean Penn, Rocco their own offspring and David Banda, whose mother died after giving birth to him.

Sonal Chauhan heads for international films, after Jannats success.

Monday, 7 July, 2008
Success, takes s person to heights unexpected.. the same with the Jannat Actress, Sonal Chauhan whose now heading international post the success of her film with co-star Emraan Khan.

Approached by International director and producer Jagmohan Mudra, who had also directed Aishwarya Rai in a film, titled provoked and the film was one the most talked about. Sonal Chauhan will be the next actress, after Aish to work in an interesting role.

Sonal keep being choosy and selective as you have already been doing, and hopefully your next role will be that of someone remembered for a lifetime.

Priyanka Chopra does an Aish at the premiere of her new film

Hi i caught Priyanka Chopra in the robes of Aishwarya.. actually she was spotted dawning something similar to what Aish had been wearing to Cannes.. The bold and black gown?

So here's our Indian barbie, as i call her.. doing an Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at the premiere of her new film Love Story 2050.

I would vote for Priyanka's gown any day, she looked so graceful and the dress also fit her so well.

Amrita Arora dumps cricketer Usman Afzal?

Sunday, 6 July, 2008
Amrita Arora is in the news, for the same reason her friend Kareena Kapoor was.. She dumped her ex boyfriend, the young British pakistan cricketer Usman Afzal for someone new. Its not known who the new love is for Amrita but isn't she following her friends footsteps?

Kareena dumped the lovable Shahid Kapur for playboy Saif Ali Khan, and she began to rise to a higher level as a heroine with big banner films under her grip.

It is also said that distance played a very big role to the break-up and they decided to part ways mutually. Amrita loved Afzal alot but couldn't hold on despite efforts from the actress. So now the actress is concentrating on her films Golmaal Returns and Kambakh Ishq, which are big releases too!

Is it a trend, break up and films start pouring on or maybe someones behind the new films.. time will tell.

Sanjay Dutt- tearful reunion with Trishala in the bahamas

Friday, 4 July, 2008
Sanjay Dutt reunion with his daughter Trishala took place while he was shooting for his film 'Blue', in the Bahamas. Manayata, his wife of just four months wasn't present with her husband.

"You remind me of my youth. I love you beta," Sanjay told his daughter, when she rushed into his arms in the Bahamas.. Oh that's pretty emotional, that father and daughter are pretty close even living miles away from each other.

Father and daughter spent ample time with each other, both showing love and affection with Sanjay taking great interest in Trishalas Collage life and the projects shes working on.

Trishalas also showing interest in joining films! With support from her aunt Enna, wonder what papa will have to say about his daughters new desire. She has also shot her portfolio, but dads consent is also important.

Trishala is a second year student at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, and shes the daughter of sanjays first wife Richa Sharma, who passed away on December 10, 1996 due to cancer. Since then Trishala has been living with her grandparents and mothers sister, Enna in Bay side, Queens, New York

"He seems to be happy and if he is happy, then I'm happy for him. If he found what he needs in her (Manyata), then that's great," said Trishala soon after spending some time with her dad. Pretty sweet of her to support her dad:)

Pooja Bedi- surrounded by 70 snakes

That is true that our bold and bubbly Pooja Bedi daughter of kabir bedi, was surrounded by snakes, but for a television reality show, yet again. I am waiting for the show to be put on air as this time its going to be our bollywood celebs doing the stunts in reality. We get to see them without make up and all they starry tantrums turned into fear! ha ha.. The host on the show is none other than our fearless tiger, Akshay Kumar..

The show is inspired by AXN's fear factor and is titled Khatron Ka Khiladi. This is India's fear factor where the game will be taken to the highest level of physical and mental challenge.

Here is what Pooja had to say about participating in the show..

"I enjoyed doing the stunts," Pooja Bedi tells us. "I had to do stunts, which I had never seen in my life before. We [the contestants] are all different personalities -- some are mothers, some are young and there is even a television bahu. All of us have worked hard and have been support system to each other during the show."

"I hate snakes. And I was surrounded by 70 snakes. I was almost dead! I screamed at the top of my voice, became hysterical and cried on television, which I have never done before. There were a few contestants, who loved the snakes and were even petting them.

"A lot of stunts were unexpected, and gave us a shock," she says. "But it was a thrilling experience before every stunt. We would always try to figure out by Akshay's costumes what the stunt would be. If he is wearing black, then we would guess it is something to do with scorpions."

Her take on Akshay shooting with the beautiful girls without make up: "He would be horrified seeing 13 actors without make-up!" she laughed. "Everyday we would put nice make-up. But with one stunt in the water, and all our make-up vanished.

"We were very scared but Akshay was encouraging," she continued. "Everyone has seen the actor in Akshay, now they will get to see the real him. He is the ultimate action guru when it comes to performing these death-defying stunts. He was fun, motivating and a great learning experience to work with."

"I want the next season of Fear Factor to be in 3D format because the audience should experience the fear that we go through when the stunt is done from a height," she adds.

Other contestants on show will be Aditi Govitrikar, Yaana Gupta, Sonali Kulkrani, Pooja Bedi, Anita Hassannandani, Tapur Chatterjee, Tupur Chatterjee, Meghna Naidu, Anjana Sukhani, Diptannita Sharma, Nethra Raghuraman, Vidaya Malvade and Urvashi Sharma.

Pooja Bedi's wallpaper.

Amy Winehouses wax figure to be unveiled by Madame Tassauds

Wednesday, 2 July, 2008

Yes, this time it is Ami Winehouse and her trademark beehive to be immortalised in wax, at Madame Tussuad's this month.

The singer had insisted she have her beehive on even as a wax figure, so was it, and not only the towering beehive but also her visible tattoos were engraved on to the wax figure.

The wax figure has been considered worthy of protection by the staff of London, as they fear some prankster might try to topple the beehive tower from the figure.

20 sculptors worked for months on the wax figure which weights 100,000 pounds.

Angelina Jolie has been admitted to hospital

Angelina Jolie has been admitted to hospital in south France. This had been planned and is no urgency as may have been thought by her fans and everyone waiting to hear good news.

She will remain in the hospital where she will be monitored until the delivery. As of now there is no sign of birth.

Angelina had been heard saying her twins would be due in august, so don't forget to check back here for the arrival of the twins:)

Bapasha's Basu Taj Mahal being reconstructed

First it was Rani who had done up her house according to her dreams, now its Bipasha Basu who is reconstructing her home, but can you imagine travelling the world in search of wood and colors to suit her space! Our celebs could travel for just anything, even for a new flame;)

Bipasha's reply to why would she want to break up a beautiful home rather than buy a land and build up in accordance to her- No no!" she says. "I love the space that I live in and wouldn't want to leave it for anything in the world. I agree there's nothing wrong with my home as it is. But when it was being constructed, I couldn't give it the time and attention I should have." "I missed the specifications that I had in mind, but never got around to implementing. I need to modify my space to suit my energy,"

But when the lady is gifting the new home to herself, thats no big deal. She also deserves the break shes going to take after completion of her films.

"I know it's going to be tough to get down to doing something so drastic in my life. But I'm forever adventurous. And I've set a deadline - Jan 7 - my birthday for all the construction guys, designers and decorators to finish and move out of my 'Taj Mahal'. I've to set a deadline, otherwise it could go on forever."

That's almost 7 months to go! And i wonder if we would ever get the honor to visit Bipasha's 'Taj Mahal' ;)

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was down with german measles

Tuesday, 1 July, 2008

Here comes the latest news about our Miss World Aishwarya Rai. She was down with German measles many days ago, which is why she had been avoiding socializing after the IIFA awards in Bangkok. The disease is contagious and so Aish compelled herself to stay in isolation since the disease can be transmitted to the others. The nature of the disease would keep anyone at bay, so did the bachchans who never fully quarantined yet saw to it that she well looked after. Under medications and care taken by her in laws, Aish is almost recovered now.

There are also reports that Aish who was supposed to act opposite Michael Douglas in the film 'Racing the Monsoon', was dropped from the film. If she'll still be acting, it wont be as the main actress in the film opposite Michael.