Pamela Anderson enters the big boss 4 house

Thursday, 18 November, 2010
Shes finally in the Bis big 4 house, and thats pamela andersan, the baywtch and playboy girl! She entered into the house wearing a white sari, bangles, and a bindi, while she left her beautiful blonde hair open. She looked extremely ravishing! I remember her so well since i saw her in the movie barbwire and her oomph factor hasn't lessened at all. The next and first day in the big boss house, she wore a bring orange sarong, swept the floors and helped in watching vessels. She was so cooperative and tried her best to understand what the others were discussing, even though it was hindi they were speaking, and poor pam, all she knew was 'namaste and shukriya' but later she showed great keenness to learn Hindi. People greet with a namaste and shukriya means 'thank you'. But well, she was so sweet and went out her way to praise another inmate who was a little weak in english, telling him that he speaks english much better than what she knew about hindi.

At 42 she danced to our Bollywood's very popluar number "dhak, dhak" with other inmates. OMG, i was so glued on to my screen b'coz the song actually features bollywood actress madhuri (my all time fav) dixit dancing to her best who is also the lead actress in the movie. I always thought no one could beat madhuri but pam did a great job by her western cum desi moves, and i think she had left the other female inmates conscious about how they danced!

Its her first time in India and shes here for a reason, to spread awareness, and was welcomed very warmly at the airport it seems. But i guess the Bay watch star didn't know what was coming for her when she reached with all the hulla and commotion created by the gathered crowd waiting to get a glimpse of her. Or maybe she knew, after all its India and India is where commotion can be created for just about anything! haha... but India is truly a very warm and hospitable country to its foreign guests unlike other countries, and am proud of it and proud to be part of it.