A twist in Shineys Ahujas case

Friday, 19 June, 2009

The former maid of Shiney reveals that the victim was in love with the actor This is what she(the victim) said to the former maid(in hindi), but its translated to english for the readers.

“The girl (the alleged victim) told me that she had a boyfriend earlier who had gone to his village and married someone else. She then said that she had now fallen in love with Shiney Ahuja. I said, ‘why are you talking like this? Does he love you too?’ She said, I just love him, what do I do now?” Shiney’s former maid is quoted as saying.

Having said that, she also said she worked for the actor herself and never found i'll behavior from the actor ever.

Shiney is now is judicial custody and will be there till july 2nd. His wife Anupam fights for her husband claiming that he's framed, but the tests on the maid indicate a rape.

Now where will the case lead to? and in whose favor? lets wait and watch..

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Thursday, 11 June, 2009
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